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Child Protect Thaland

Child Protect Thailand is a non-profit family project started after we were on holiday in Thailand and seen how many people live there in misery and poverty. But then I Thomas, father of the family has thai background and grew up there for 8 years, so there were several reasons why we started this!

So after a few trips to Thailand with my family, we have all been more or less engaged and wanted to do something to help and give back. We did that little we could when we went around on our vacation, mostly by shopping of the small street traders and even those who went around selling things. Even with our little one when he was 6 years old, wanted to support by buying from the same gum saleswoman on one of the roads we always walked on.

It is not just launching, I’m very skeptical of other organizations and if they really helps as they say. It’s just as hard if not harder to get others to believe in our project and our vision with Child Protect Thailand. So we started simple and small with its own resources and gathered what we could spare to send to a project that was in need. After my wife’s sister was in Thailand as a volunteer at a center / orphanage became the momentum. Now we knew who was in need of help, and now we had black and white what they needed most. With that, we sent small parcel of clothing and hygiene items to the orphanage which is located at Amphawa about 2 hours from Bangkok.

We wanted to take it to a new level, and thus I began to think about how and what we could do to broaden it. It was now Child Protect Thailand began to take shape, starting a small page on facebook with the same names and invited some friends. It quickly became a lot of questions and many wanted to help us with it as they could, and some wanted to get involved even more. But in order to get ideas so I began to search around more for various projects started on a small scale in the same way as Child Protect Thailand. There were many influences and also projects that we want to take a closer look at and maybe work with. This was also what made me decide to create this page. Here, you will then be able to take part of what we will do and the projects we want to support. You will be able to read about the various projects and be able to easily acquire your own opinion about them. It will also be able to donated to our project, or directly to the projects we write about here. But as I said, this is just the startup and I hope you have patience with that we do not have time to inform about everything. We hope that you will help us to help and to achieve our goals and visions with their own center and orphanage / school project in Thailand.

Many thanks in advance from us at Child Protect Thailand!

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