The children need us and we must act!

A journey to remember! –  When travel around Bangkok is not just lyxury shopping malls or market you can visit. It’s lots of slums arounding Bangkok and nearly outside every shopping malls if you dear to go in there. Here a story by Ekachai Rakruang when he take a chance and ventured into such of slum area: Today was a day off. Thought drag to the “center” and do some shopping. But somewhere along the way I decided to stop by Siam, Sukhumvit, Thong Lor, Ekkamai …. and got off at the last station Bearing. I went down to the street and say to the taxi driver”take me to some more local place, preferably with a lot of elderly and close to a hospital.” Driver skeptical looked at me as if I asked, “should we have sex?”. He drove for about 30min, then I found myself there. Outside BKK. Not a clue where you are. There I stood the. Regretted it. Dressed up with jacket and everything in real, real slum. No AC. I went “into” deeper and deeper into the slum. All stered. All looked surprised. Older people who did not have any body parts left, worn dogs and cats, poor, dirty homes, barracks, debris, etc. Generally the super poor. If you feel sorry for the beggar so had you here all gathered in one place….To read more klick on the fist picture:

Not healthy

Bearing slum, Bangkok 2014

Child in the slum

Slum outside Bearing, Bangkok 2014

Bearing slum, Bangkok 2014

Poormans room


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